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Kishori Vikas Prakalp

A simple but highly powerful Adolescence Education and Empowerment Program for girls of (Age group 12-19). 20 villages and 20 slums covered. Started 10 years ago, this unique program aims at bridging the Gender Gap, increasing the average Age of Marriage for girls and promoting their Education. 10000 adolescent girls every year go through the extensive adolescence counseling and various personality development programs. The program is proving very vital to the most vulnerable section of the community- the adolescent girls. It has successfully increased the average age of marriage to near 18 from a much lower 16.3 in the project areas. It has intervened to stop child marriages and had successfully enrolled hundreds of girls back to the education stream.

KVP Activitis:

  • ‘Ek Kali Umaltana’- Adolescence counseling
  • School based sessions
  • Health Checkup, Rubella Vaccination
  • Personality Development Camps
  • Education aids distribution
  • Sports activities
  • Enrolling mother parents
  • Exposure visits

The project is currently supported by Minex Foundation, Mumbai.

Recent Updates

Awareness on Education

08th Jul2021

School based sessions

12th Aug, 2021


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