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Sustainable Development

SPMESM started working with healthcare projects three decades ago but it always had a holistic development approach. While working for rural health, SPMESM came across the various root causes and decided to work on them, too.

The region has its share of adverse agro- climatic conditions. Additionally, climate change effects, socio- political problems and volatile markets for agro produce have been contributing towards the Agrarian Crisis and hampering the agro- based livelihood of the small and marginal farmers.

Over 15 years, SPMESM has been finding sustainable solutions to these problems with strong community involvement in each of the projects.

Farmer Producers’ Companies, Agricultural Extension projects, Market linkages and backward and forward linkages to agro produce, Energy initiatives, Soil Carbon improvement and various other initiatives have now taken shape as a movement.

The Sustainable Development Department of SPMESM covers over 100 villages from 2 Districts and 5000 small and marginal farmers.


FPO (POPI) Farmer Producers’ Organizations

Since 2019, SPMESM has been promoting and establishing FPOs with NABARD. SPMESM has been selected as a POPI (Producers’ Organization Promoting Institute) by NABARD to form and handhold the FPOs. 5 FPOs are formed and are registered with the Registrar of Companies.

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FPO – CBBO (Cluster Based Business Organization) Project

SPMESM has been empanelled to implement the Central Sector Scheme for CBBOs. It is forming two FPOs in Aurangabad which are being registered in Nov 2021.

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FPO Capacity Building Program

SPMESM has a tie up with corporate entities with a vast experience of business development. They are building capacity of SPMESM’s FPOs as a pro- bono support in Business Planning and developing forward and backward linkages of their units.

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Solar Dryers Project

Value addition to the perishable vegetables and other agro produce is possible with solar dryers. SPMESM has been implementing this concept with tech support from Science for Society and other CSR partners.

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Social Impact


Small and Marginal Farmers




Villages in 4 Districts


Solar Dryers


Hydroponic Units


Agri Extension Programs

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