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Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatma Samaj Mandal is a reputed Not-For-Profit (Voluntary) Organization of Central Maharashtra.

The organization believes that ‘if willing, everybody can contribute in making the society better!’ It strongly advocates the ‘active enrollment of Volunteers’ in each of its activities. Another objective of the Volunteering Program is to provide the volunteers ‘exposure to the issues of the Indian Society- especially the underdeveloped and marginalized- and the ongoing Efforts to solve them!’ Such Sensitization not only strengthens the efforts with increasing contribution from the volunteers but also brings in the Social Belongingness in them.

Volunteerism enriches your life with experiences, can always bring in positive attitude. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan wishes that every volunteer enrolled should get more values from this program than what he is expecting



  • The volunteers must abide to the rules and regulations of the program.
  • The volunteer is supposed to do the designated job for the full tenure.
  • The volunteer is advised to be in regular contact with his/her local mentor or the coordinator.
  • The Volunteer should promise that he/ she will strive hard to gain maximum out of his/ her voluntarism. He/ she will look at every encounter/ interaction/ activity as an opportunity to learn and make use of it in life as experience. He/ she should promise that, with his presence he/ she will create an encouraging atmosphere around him/ her; he/ she will establish healthy and sound relationships with each person, he/ she will leave a positive & long lasting impact on this work with his/ her contributions in furtherance of this noble cause.
  • The Volunteer is expected to have positive attitude towards the Society; sincere and hard working towards his/ her work. He/ She is expected to be Modest, Kind and helping to everybody.
  • The volunteer should have appropriate attire while working.
  • The volunteer is not supposed to order the staff or community members regarding project work unless designed in the project. He/ She should not try to alter the working systems. Any suggestions regarding the working systems only to be communicated through the coordinator.
  • The Organization’s Policies strictly condemn Alcoholism/ Smoking/ Drugs consumption. Also, Any Discrimination on the basis of Race/ Religion/ Caste or Sex is strongly condemned. Sexual Abusing or Misconduct is also considered as a serious offence. The organization will immediately terminate the volunteering program and disciplinary action will be taken against the volunteer violating these policies.
  • The volunteer must observe the discipline of the organization and avoid unnecessary provocative remarks or behavior.
  • The volunteer should honor the religious thinking/ traditions/ beliefs of the local community which he/ she may not like or follow, and avoid any negative remarks on them. He/ She is should refrain from engaging in discussions on Religion/Politics especially while on the field work.
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